Under the Sea

May 12, 2020

Under the Sea Mural Ideas

Underwater scenes are a great way to inspire imagination and creativity.   When I think underwater, I think of bright colors and a variety of fish and plants.

There are many different things that can be included in an underwater scene.  But is also depends on exactly what kind of theme you are trying to portray.

Below are some different ideas on how an underwater scene could be created in your child’s room:

Colorful Coral Reef


Using many different plant styles and colors, a very vibrant and colorful coral reef could fill the wall base and side, leading all the way to the ceiling of the room.  This provides the illusion that the room is under the surface of the water.  The bright colors can incorporate a specific color palette that you may wish to use in other areas of the room.

Monochromatic Scene

If you are looking for simplistic and subtle, maybe for a nursery, then this approach works well.  It uses tints of the same color, generally a blue, or sea green, to provide depth and character to a room without incorporating several bright colors.

Find the Fish

Your mural could be more than just something to look at.  It can be an engaging game for your child and friends.  The mural would be a scene of coral and several fish, but in the corner or on a separate wall, is a list or key of all the fish that are within the mural.  This can be a game to see who can spot all the fish first.  Think along the lines of “Where’s Waldo”.

The Little Mermaid

If your child is in love with Disney’s Little Mermaid Ariel, then I can provide a wall mural that includes the addition of vinyl stickers.  Because the characters are copyright protected, I’m not able to paint them directly, but I can include pre-purchased vinyls into the design.

Similar Mural Ideas

  • Underwater caves with treasures
  • Number of fish that can be found
  • Vinyl decals of characters in an underwater scene
  • Colorful coral reefs
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Level of Detail Examples

There are many different levels of detail in a mural.  Higher detail usually has more color, tones, lines and components.  Low level detail is usually fewer colors, and less variety.  Depending on what is being painted, the level of detail may go up or down for things that require more attention.

Low Level Mural Examples

Mid Level Mural Examples

High Level Mural Examples