Small World Inspired Canvas Prints

This one of a kind art is a must for Disney fans who enjoy It’s a Small World. Inspired by the ride and the simplified shape cityscape, this 6 panel art can be hung in any order to customize how it looks on your wall.

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Customization options are available on the panels.  If you choose to have panels customized, I will contact you after purchase to get the details about your customization.  Below are the details on the extra customization options and capabilities:


There are a total of 7 colors used on each panel. Each of these colors can be customized to your personal preference.


On several of the panels are white arched doors. In these doors, you can have personalized characters added. These characters could represent different members of your family or friends. The characters can be designed to fit their personalities. Things like skin colors, hair colors and style, clothing, with or without Mickey ears, etc. After purchase, I will contact you to get details of for these characters.


On several panels, there are solid color spaces, generally near doors or tall verticals, where you can add text. Common text added are important dates like birthdates next to characters, anniversary dates, or family names. After purchase, I will contact you to get details of for any text personalization.


There are a variety of flowers that can be added at the bottom of the panels. You would be able to choose the flower types, colors, and where they are placed on the panels. After purchase, I will contact you to get details of for any flower personalization.

Wall Clock

If you purchase personalization on the wall clock panel, a functional wall clock can be added. When the panels ship, this panel will be shipped separately and may arrive on a different day. I will do preinstallation of the clock mechanics to verify its placement, then will disassemble for shipping to reduce risk of damage. When you receive the panel, there will be step by step instructions on how to finish the assembly of the clock on your panel for use. 1 AA battery will be required that is not included.

Processing Time

If you choose to have panels customized, I will contact you after your purchase so we can go over the details of your customization. Most customization can be completed in 1-2 business days, but depending on the complexity of the changes and additions, It may require additional time to process. However, I will communicate with you regarding any delays or time extensions.

The canvas is made from a finely textured artist-grade cotton substrate which consistently reproduces image details with outstanding clarity and detail.
.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Closed Back
.: Build with a patented solid support face
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use
.: Ready to hang

Imagimurals offers shipping to the contiguous United States.  Please allow a maximum of 7 business days for processing and printing your order(s).  You will receive and email confirmation with shipping information when your order(s) ship.  Shipping is generally 2-7 business days depending on your location.

As this product is made to order, I only accept returns for products damaged upon arrival.
Please contact us with any issues regarding your order.

Level of Detail Examples

There are many different levels of detail in a mural.  Higher detail usually has more color, tones, lines and components.  Low level detail is usually fewer colors, and less variety.  Depending on what is being painted, the level of detail may go up or down for things that require more attention.

Low Level Mural Examples

Mid Level Mural Examples

High Level Mural Examples