Mural Pricing

My Murals are unique, so the pricing is just as unique. Consultations are free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a mural cost?

Because every mural is different, I take several factors into consideration when providing and estimate for murals.  Mural estimates are determined by these four factors:

Wall Space: This is the overall square footage of the space that will be painted.  This is generally the height x length of the space and subtracting out any spaces that would not be painted such as windows and doors.   

Level of Detail: Since each mural is completely unique, the level of detail plays an important roll in the calculation.  The number of shapes, how fine the details are in the design, and number of colors can all impact the price.  My murals range from $15 – $35 per square foot depending on this level of detail.

Conditions: Depending on the condition of the wall, if it is textured, or when there would be available access to paint may impact the pricing. 

Distance: Imagimurals is located in Lenexa, KS.  I travel all over the Kansas City area to paint murals.  If you are located within an hour of my location, then there would be no extra cost, but a surcharge may apply if you are outside that range.  

Remember, consultations and estimates are free, so if you are interested in a mural, contact me to take advantage of these free services.

How long does it take to paint a mural?

This really depends on the size of the mural.  Some can take as little as a day, and my longest has taken me two full weeks.  At the consultation, I can usually provide an approximate timeframe for how long a mural will take to complete.  

What kind of paint do you use?

Since I primarily work indoors, I use acrylic interior paint.  This works best for mixing colors, quick dry times, and generally low oder.  I use eggshell or satin finish so that it doesn’t reflect light, but does make it safe to clean in case of dirty hands or more creative minds want to add to the wall.

Generally, this is enough for the mural to last a long time, but if extra protection is wanted, I will also finish a mural with a clear coat varnish to protect the mural further.

Where can I have a mural?

The best place for my murals would be on an interior wall that that is either finished drywall or sealed and primed concrete.  You’ll want your mural to last a long time, so the space surface should be something that paint can adhere to without risk of moisture or extreme temperature exposure.

What is your style of painting?

I am pretty versatile in painting styles, but commonly, I paint to a somewhat realistic state with an impressionistic approach.  At a consultation, I can discuss the different styles that could work with your mural ideas.  I won’t offer ideas that I don’t think I would be able to handle.

Do you paint Disney Characters?

Unfortunately no.  Disney characters or any other cartoon characters that are copyright material, I cannot paint.  The legal fees are far too high and I don’t want to encourage copyright infringement.  

However, I do offer interpretations of scenery that could represent a fantasy world similar to those found in your favorite movies.  Also, if a vinyl sticker or print of your favorite character is purchased from a licensed dealer, then I can incorporate that into the mural.

How should my wall be prepped for a mural?

The best prep for a mural is a clean wall that has been painted white with an eggshell finish.  All furniture should be removed from the room or the area leaving a good size work space.  

I can also prep the wall for you if needed.  I’ll even help move some furniture if you need a hand.  This is something that we can discuss during a consultation.

Do I need a permit to have a mural painted?

If you are the owner of the home or business space, then you do not need any special permits to have a mural painted.  If you rent a space, then you should get written permission from the owner or landlord to have a mural painted.  

How can I pay for a mural?

There is an initial mural deposit that is due before I start designing a mural. This fee goes towards the final estimate.  Once approved, all mural projects have a %50 down payment to schedule and for me to get materials for the mural.  The remaining %50 is due when the mural is completed.  I currently accept cash, check, credit card, PayPal or Venmo.  All payments will include a receipt.

Do you offer custom wallpaper or printed murals?

Yes, although painting is my specialty, in some cases, you may prefer to have a mural be printed on a wallpaper material.  If this is the case, I do offer custom wallpaper printing on fabric or canvas adhesive backed material.  

During a consultation, we can discuss the pricing for printed murals and installation.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, if you are a returning client needing an additional mural or if you are wanting multiple murals painted, I add a 15% discount on the painting services.

If you have several murals that you would like painted at multiple locations, contact me and we can discuss additional discount options.

Level of Detail Examples

There are many different levels of detail in a mural.  Higher detail usually has more color, tones, lines and components.  Low level detail is usually fewer colors, and less variety.  Depending on what is being painted, the level of detail may go up or down for things that require more attention.

Low Level Mural Examples

Mid Level Mural Examples

High Level Mural Examples