Pirates Cove Mural

July 17, 2020

About this Mural

A young boy and his adventures to a distant land of never-pirates, treasure, and lost boys. This mural includes a seascape and a scroll map to navigate this imaginary land.

Mural Details

Mural Size

Approx 100 SF

Level of Detail


Time Frame to Complete

2 Days

Interested in something similar?

Contact me and let’s discuss a mural for your home or business that’s similar to this one.

Jake did a fantastic job painting our sons mural. Our imaginative son who loves to pretend play pirates and Peter Pan now how the perfect room to do such. Jake was able to help mold our ideas into what would be the perfect mural including a mural of the sea and a pirates map. He makes redoing a child room easy and it’s something different that no one else has. Our son loves being in his room playing now!

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