Mountains and Valleys

May 14, 2020

Mountain and Valley Mural Ideas

Bringing the outdoors into a room can spark creativity and imagination.  With large mountain or valley landscapes as a backdrop, a child’s room can be transformed into their home away from home.

Although the mountain and valley theme might seem simple enough, there is a lot you can do with it.  The style and time of day for the mural can make a big impact on the color and details that are visible.

Below are some different ideas on how a mountain of valley scene could be created in your child’s room:

Monochromatic or Gradients


For a more simplified scene, you could have a mountain landscape that utilizes only one or two colors and then uses different gradients or tone to provide the depth.  This works very well if you want to incorporate a specific color palette into the room.

This style of painting can be applied to almost any scene, so if you have a photograph of a place you have visited, it could be transformed into this style.

Higher Detailed Scenes


If you want something more detailed, then these examples show how toy can be in scene at a different time of day, or incorporate seasons.  There could also be other features like cabins, waterfalls, rock formations, shooting stars or animals in the scene to bring more life to the story.

The important idea here is to tell a story with the scene so the child has building blocks to go off of for creativity.

Similar Mural Ideas

  • Peaks appearing from a fog or mist
  • Autumn leaves surrounding lake in the mountains
  • Sunset cast deep shadows over rocks and trees
  • Cascading waterfalls over a valley


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