It’s a Small World Mural

August 17, 2020

About this Mural

A fan of Disney extends the magic into her home with this custom designed mural for her entryway.  Inspired from It’s a Small World, this mural brings a personal touch with some figures representing members of the family and has a practical use with a working wall clock located in the center.

Get a similar design on Canvas Prints

Are you a Small World fan but don’t want to have the wall painted?  Take a look at this great option on my Etsy page.  It’s the same great quality, can be customized, and personalization is always an option.  Available on canvas prints to hang.  

Mural Details

Mural Size

Approx 90 SF

Level of Detail


Time Frame to Complete

4 Days

Interested in something similar?

Contact me and let’s discuss a mural for your home or business that’s similar to this one.

Jake's latest mural was for me. I LOVE it!! He did an amazing job! Great communication. so easy to work with. So creative! I couldn't be happier! Thanks Jake!

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