Into the Clouds

July 12, 2020

Cloud Mural Ideas

When it comes to clouds, there are so many different varieties.  Clouds can look cartoonish, realistic, flat and many in between.

What you have to explore is what the color palette will be, how simple or detailed you want your clouds to be, and if you want any hidden surprises like cloud shapes to occur.

Below are some different ideas on how a clouds can be done for your cloud scene in your child’s room:

Cloud Shapes and Styles

Clouds can be done in all shapes and styles.  The examples above are some ideas that you can draw upon to decide how your mural should look.

Time of Day

It is also important to know what time of day you want.  Clouds in the middle of the day can look very different from clouds at sunrise or sunset.

Similar Mural Ideas

  • Clouds with hidden figures
  • Storm clouds
  • Sunset or sunrise with vibrant colors
  • Stencil clouds (think Andy’s room in Toy Story)
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