Flight to Neverland Mural

February 10, 2021

About this Mural

This Peter Pan inspired nursery now has a mural depicting the time when Peter takes flight and his friends Wendy, John and Michael all fly over London on their way to the second star on the right.

The blue colors used are also incorporated into the rest of the room decor and provide a simple color palette yet allow for a lot of detail to be seen.  This mural includes the Big Ben clock tower, the Jolly Roger in flight, and licensed decals of Peter and his friends. (Decals are used since Disney characters are copyright protected).  The moon includes some powder that will allow it to glow in the dark.

Mural Details

Mural Size

Approx 120 SF

Level of Detail

Mid to High

Time Frame to Complete

5 Days

Interested in something similar?

Contact me and let’s discuss a mural for your home or business that’s similar to this one.

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