Disney Princess Mural

December 10, 2020

About this Mural

What do you do when you ask a 2 year old what Disney Princess she would like her new room to be themed after?  In the morning it’s Elsa from Frozen, in the afternoon it’s Rapunzel from Tangled, and by bedtime its Moana.  Well, the solution was to include them all and more!

This project utilizes a panel strategy that included small murals that represent 12 different Disney Princesses.  Each panel is colored and designed to provide details about the princess and the movie they are in without using the actual princess, because of course, they are copyright protected.  Take a look at all 12 panels below to see if you can guess which panel goes to which Disney Princess…

After each area was painted, trim was added around each to give more depth to the room.  You can see the color spectrum from anywhere in the room.

After the panels were framed, then shelves were added near the top of each panel where the Jim Shore Disney Princess statues could be added.  Jim, if you’re reading this, we invite you to come visit to see the room in person!  After the pandemic is over of course.

If you looked at 12 panels earlier in this post and guessed which panel was for which princess, below is your chance to see if you were right!  This is the panel with the princess added on the shelf…

This room has panels all all walls around the room including a larger panel with her name which will appear above the bed.  Statues are placed out of reach from young hands, but are still visible and can be enjoyed from a distance.

Mural Details

Mural Size

Approx 135 SF

Level of Detail

Low and Mid

Time Frame to Complete

3 Days

Interested in something similar?

Contact me and let’s discuss a mural for your home or business that’s similar to this one.

*Hands thrown up into the air* This is amazing!!

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