Disney Inspired

May 22, 2020

Disney Inspired Mural Ideas

Many children grow up with their favorite Disney films.  Favorite characters, songs and stories all inspire imagination.  However, Disney characters and the movies are copyright protected.  So they cannot be reproduced without permission.

That doesn’t mean that your child cant have the mural they want.  I provide mural designs that are inspired by the famous movies and with the help of some licensed wall stickers, a scene can come to life!

Below are some different ideas on how I interpret certain Disney movie scenes that could be created in your child’s room:


I reference scenes that are memorable, but unique from the film.  Icy waterfalls, snowing mountains, northern lights, magical icicles, and enchanted forests.  These murals can include vinyl decals of your favorite frozen characters and they can be part of the scene.

The Little Mermaid

I reference the scenes that are filled with color, fish friends and the rocky shoreline to draw inspiration from this movie.  Variations of these scenes with silhouettes of fish and mermaids can help bring the story to life.  Then you can go further by purchasing wall decals of your favorite characters and incorporating them into the mural.  I. can even help with identifying good options and how they would integrate into the mural.

Lion King

A great way to bring scenery from Lion King into the room is by utilizing African safari style art.  Like the famous sunrise with silhouettes.  This can also mean that the child can include their favorite animals in the scene, or even better, make it a game where they have to find several hidden animals on the landscape.

Jungle Book

The Jungle Book is one of my favorite classic movies, and many of the jungle scenes include common elements that I can include in any mural.  Swinging vines, waterfalls, canopy trees, streams, rocks, wildlife, etc.  Even an interpreted ancient temple can add some great characteristics.

Princess and the Frog

This movie brings the Bayou to the forefront.  Iconic swampy scenes are not always muddy but can be rather inspiring.  Changing the perspective to appear as though you are the size of a frog or adding the nightly light slow of fireflies that actually glow can make a room magical.

Beauty and the Beast


Many of the scenes from this movie include vast landscapes of hills and forest with a castle in the background.  Or the inside of a castle full of color and royal imagery.  All of these scenes can be interpreted in their own way to be a mural in your child’s room.


From desert dunes to a nightly version of the famous city, there are ways to include iconic scenery from this film.  Go further with your own version of the cave of wonders or a night sky with clouds to fly through.

What is your favorite movie?

Not seeing you or your child’s favorite movie here?  Thats ok, contact me and tell me what movie it is and I can offer you suggestions on how you can get a fantastic mural inspired by your favorite locations.

Similar Mural Ideas

  • Underwater caves with treasures
  • Number of fish that can be found
  • Vinyl decals of characters in an underwater scene
  • Animal silhouettes on a sunrise
  • Ancient temple hidden in a jungle
  • Twilight hours with firefly’s and reflections
  • Desert oasis with palace


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