Under the Sea Mural

Disney Inspired Murals - Little Mermaid

This mural is inspired by Disney’s Little Mermaid.  This underwater scene fits the theme of the overall nursery and was designed to include the Ariel wall decal.  In the future, the decal can be removed and this mural becomes a more grown up underwater landscape.

It’s a Small World Mural

A fan of Disney extends the magic into her home with this custom designed mural for her entryway.  Inspired from It’s a Small World, this mural brings a personal touch with some figures representing members of the family and has a practical use with a working wall clock located in the center. Get a similar design […]

Desert Racing Mural

This mural is inspired by Disney/Pixar’s Cars.  For a boy who loves cars and racing, this mural makes a great backdrop to a room with a Lightning McQueen bed and a traffic light.

Pirates Cove Mural

A young boy and his adventures to a distant land of never-pirates, treasure, and lost boys. This mural includes a seascape and a scroll map to navigate this imaginary land.

Bubbles Mural

This simplified mural has bubbles coming from different points of the room and help provide the illusion that this room is underwater.  The bubbles are painted in such a way that they appear to be interacting with the letters on the wall.

Accent Clouds Mural

This mural includes cloud shapes on all walls around the nursery.  The free form clouds offer shape ideas and may include some hidden items.  This is a more simplified mural offering accents that compliment the decor in the rest of the room.