Frozen Worlds

Whether you like winter time and the snow or you’re a fan of the Disney movie Frozen, these ideas can help you create that frozen world that you want to escape to.

Monochromatic Murals

Monochromatic represents a design that is made from a single color.  Using variations of that color such as adding black or white to it, you are able to create stunning images that compliment a particular color scheme without being over colorful.  

Into the Clouds

Rising above the ground and into the sky, bringing the clouds and the many imaginative shapes that they could be into full view.

Disney Inspired

Disney Inspired Murals - Little Mermaid

Scenes that are inspired by Disney movies. Bring the fairytale world into your child’s room.

Beach Getaways

Beach Getaway - Beach and Ocean Mural Ideas

Adventure begins on a beach with palm trees, waves, islands, sand castles and even mysteries.

Butterflies and Blooms

Flowers and Butterflies - Mural Examples

Colorful splashes of color fill the wall with large blooms and prismatic butterflies flying above them.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossom Mural Ideas

Large cherry blossom trees span to the ceiling and drape many colorful pink cherry blossoms.

Mountains and Valleys

Mountains and Valleys - Landscape Mural Example

Large mountains, snowy peaks, and valleys of green trees for a young explorer to go searching.

Desert Monuments

Large rock formations, towering pillars of sands, and maybe some creative stories interwoven into the landscape.

Kingdom of Imagination

Kingdom of Imagination - Castle Mural Example

Landscape before a rising castle with towering pillars.  Noble carriages and colorful gardens to be invited.  Perhaps those gardens are also a maze.