Benefits of Hand-Painted Wall Murals

Mural Knowledge

Benefit 1: Murals add character

Let’s face it, we’ve all heard the classic “This house has no character” when touring homes.  The same color on all the walls in the house make for a low energy space.  Some take a step in the right direction with an “accent wall” where there is a pop of color that is used to create a distinct difference.  Although it does add life to the room, it doesn’t add a lot of character. 

A mural does both.  It brings life to the room and with its visual design and uniqueness to the home, adds a lot of character.  Murals are an easy and effective way to make a room truly reflect an individual or a family.

Benefit 2: Murals add Value

While remodeling a kitchen or adding a bedroom to a home will increase its value, that is also an expensive and time-consuming process.  Murals may not add the same value to a home, but they do increase it.  Painting walls in a home is generally considered to get you a 1:1 return on investment.  A hand painted mural will do the same and then add additional value in both uniqueness/style and the value of the painting itself. 

A home with a mural can have more interest and a higher dollar value due to a desirable mural that is located inside.  Although this is not a reason to paint a mural in a home, it is a nice side bonus.

Benefit 3: Murals inspire creativity

For children and adults, murals have been a source of inspiration and creativity.   In children’s rooms and nurseries, a mural is a great way to give kids options for exploration, imagination and creative thought.  Make believe play can help kids grow and learn important social skills and problem-solving techniques while having fun.

Benefit 4: Murals spark conversation

A mural is a great conversation starter.  Your mural could relate to your family in a personal way like a vacation, a hobby, or a passion.  That way when visitors come to your home, there is a great conversation piece to talk about.  It’s something that is unique to you and not found in many other homes.

Benefit 5: Murals are practical

A mural can be more than just a painting.  It can serve as a backdrop to practical use.  For example, a wall clock is useful to tell the time, but when incorporated in a mural, it also serves as a piece of art.  There could also be shelving, spaces for frames,

Benefit 6: Murals are interactive

A mural is more than just art.  It can also be a game for people to play.   Such as an underwater scene with several hidden fish that can be found.  Think along the lines of Where’s Waldo.

Search and finds have always been a fun past time for many people, so having one on a larger scale can add a lot of interactive fun to the viewers.

About Jake

I'm an artist in kansas city

I’ve been an artist at heart my entire life.  I have many creative outlets that go beyond painting murals including drawing, woodworking, digital designs, and of course painting on a smaller scale.  

I’d been painting murals for several years before turning it into a business.  Now I can say that I love my job and what I do, because regardless of what I’m painting or where, there is always something new to see.

I also enjoy spending time with my Wife and children, traveling and going on adventures of my own.  The inspiration for my desire to tell a story with every mural comes from my and my family’s passion for Disney.

Jake Parrott | Muralist in Kansas City

Level of Detail Examples

There are many different levels of detail in a mural.  Higher detail usually has more color, tones, lines and components.  Low level detail is usually fewer colors, and less variety.  Depending on what is being painted, the level of detail may go up or down for things that require more attention.

Low Level Mural Examples

Mid Level Mural Examples

High Level Mural Examples