Supersmash KC Mural

Supersmash KC is the premier rage room in the Kansas City area.  Along with breaking things, you can get your photo taken in front of the mural!  Colorful block letters breaking through the wall is a great fit for the space.

Dinosaur Mural

Kansas City mural of a dinosaur themed room

This mural is for a young dinosaur fan.  He had a list of different dinosaurs and of course a volcano that he wanted on his bedroom wall.  This mural was custom designed to best fit the space, furniture and color palette of the other decor in the room.  

Peace Pavilion Children’s Museum

I have painted several murals at the children’s museum.  Each mural was specifically designed to compliment the room and exhibits they represent.  These murals range from small 2 – 4 foot murals up to over 30 foot murals.  

Flight to Neverland Mural

Flight to Neverland

This mural is inspired by Peter Pan and depicts the night time flight over London as Peter and friends are traveling to the second star on the right.

Keller Williams Real Estate Murals

Keller Williams Mural

Designed for their space in this Keller Williams location provide a personal touch while fitting the style and branding of the business.

Disney Princess Mural

What do you do when you ask a 2 year old what Disney Princess she would like her new room to be themed after?  In the morning it’s Elsa from Frozen, in the afternoon it’s Rapunzel from Tangled, and by bedtime its Moana.  Well, the solution was to include them all and more!

American Flag Mural

This large mural of a waving American flag is inside of a manufacturing plant where it can be seen from almost anywhere in the building. 

Frozen Worlds

Whether you like winter time and the snow or you’re a fan of the Disney movie Frozen, these ideas can help you create that frozen world that you want to escape to.

Monochromatic Murals

Monochromatic represents a design that is made from a single color.  Using variations of that color such as adding black or white to it, you are able to create stunning images that compliment a particular color scheme without being over colorful.