American Flag Mural

American Flag Mural

This large mural of a waving American flag is inside of a manufacturing plant where it can be seen from almost anywhere in the building.  Utilizing different shades and tones of reds, whites, and blues gives this mural depth.

This mural is located on a wall that is roughly 23 feet high and 73 feet long.  I used the grid method to pencil the design on the wall.  This was followed by a taping process that gave a great preview to how the mural would look in the space without any paint touching the wall.

Once I started applying paint to the surface, each day unlocked a new milestone in progress that was documented by many of the employees at the Schier Products manufacturing plant.

Jake is the complete package, a talented artist who handles the business side like a pro. He had a process for the artistic "discovery" part of the job, provided a quote in 24 hours, and met his deadline. Jake painted a stunning 22' tall x 70' mural inside our manufacturing building and it turned out exactly as we had hoped. Nailed it!

Level of Detail Examples

There are many different levels of detail in a mural.  Higher detail usually has more color, tones, lines and components.  Low level detail is usually fewer colors, and less variety.  Depending on what is being painted, the level of detail may go up or down for things that require more attention.

Low Level Mural Examples

Mid Level Mural Examples

High Level Mural Examples